Corrie & Vinnie are engaged!! We brained stormed quite a bit on where to shoot their engagement session, but ended up at the Venice Canals and pier area. They also brought their adorable dogs Sage & Miles to the shoot! They kept on telling me to be careful with the dogs, but they were sooooo nice to me! After shooting at Venice Canals, we moved on to the pier area. Although it was a Sunday, luckily it wasn’t too crowded, and the weather was just perfect. I had so much fun at this session, and I can’t wait for their wedding next year!


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When I received the initial inquiry more than a year ago, it said “A picnic themed wedding under the stars, BBQ, with vintage truck, a trailer & a vespa.” I KNEW I had to have this wedding. Ryan & Cicely put together one of the most creative weddings I’ve ever been part of. Even the wedding invitation came in a box lined by artificial grass, come on. Now that’s being consistent with a theme. You might also remember their picnic themed engagement session from earlier this year.  I really loved working with this couple through out their wedding planning process.  One of the nicest and the most ‘in love’ couple I’ve ever met.  It’s weddings like this that reminds me of why I love what I do so much. Their beautiful wedding at South Coast Botanic Garden in Palos Verdes Peninsula had their personality all over the decors. A lot of cute personalized details conceived by an awesome all star team of vendors. There were cards reminding people to help out local animal shelters (they are avid animal lovers), BBQ & beers,  and their sweetheart table is basically an outdoor picnic setup, completely with pillows and blankets. Ryan built these picnic tables out of pallets that also acted as kids’ tables. The best part of the night was when the groom’s brother played a slideshow and they served fresh popcorn to all the guests!  I absolutely love this couple and the wedding, I hope you guys love all the pictures, too!


Wedding Ceremony | American Martyr’s Church
Wedding Reception | South Coast Botanic Gardens
Wedding Coordinator | Dorothy Cruz, Dorothy Rose Events
Wedding Photographer | Jeremy Chou Photography
Associate Photographer & Assistant | Kate Noelle, Jes Workman
Hair & Makeup | Elaine Chou Makeup
Floral | LV Floral Event Design
Videographer | Vnext Media
Rentals | Found Rentals
Caterer | Beachwood BBQ
Cake | King’s Hawaiian
Photobooth | Smile on 3 Photobooths
Cocktail Music | Nathan Shrake
DJ | Cerritos All Stars
Transportation | Classic Rent A Car
Trailer Rental | The Happier Camper

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Monica-LEAD IN

Edwin & Jamie are married! Their classic outdoor California wedding took place at the beautiful Muckenthaler Mansion in Fullerton, CA, Orange County. And I am completely blown away by the images my awesome associate photographer team captured! I loved all the different color & style of gowns the bridesmaids wore, it’s such a welcoming trend! I also loved all the colors and the classic details for the wedding. Such a beautiful venue and I am so proud of my team for capturing it perfectly. Congratulations again to Edwin & Jamie, hope you guys all love the photos as much as I do!

orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0001 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0002 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0003 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0004 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0005 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0006 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0007 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0008 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0009 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0010 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0011
orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0013 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0014 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0015

orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0022 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0023 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0024 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0025 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0026 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0027 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0028 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0029

orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0016 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0017 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0018 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0019 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0020 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0030 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0031 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0032



orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0033 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0034 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0035 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0036 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0037 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0038 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0039 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0040 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0041 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0042 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0043 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0044 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0045 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0046 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0047 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0048 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0049 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0050 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0051 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0052 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0053 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0054 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0055 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0056 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0057 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0058 orange-county-muckenthaller-mansion-wedding-photography-pahk-0059

Wedding Venue | Muckenthaler Mansion, Fullerton, CA
Wedding Photography | Jeremy Chou Photography. Monica & Maria
Catering | Colette’s Catering
DJ | Invisible Touch Events
Photobooth | Dazzle Photobooth
Florist | M’s Flowers
Hair & Makeup | Kelly Tran Artistry

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Nancy & James are married! You might remember this cute couple from their adorable engagement session at Santa Monica pier a few months ago! Their wedding was a traditional Vietnamese wedding mixed with a ton of DIY details hand made by the couple themselves! This might had been the hottest wedding I’ve ever shot. We are talking about 105 degree temperature most of the day! They are one of the most thoughtful couples I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with; they made sure my team was taken care of and that we had water through out the day. I was actually a little bit under the weather for this wedding, and they made sure I took plenty of breaks! How awesome are my clients?? Thanks again for having me!


Wedding Photographer | Jeremy Chou Photography
Associate Photographers | Alyssa Marie & Alyssa Lizarraga
Wedding Venue | San Gabriel Hilton
Wedding Reception | Ocean Star Restaurant
Wedding Coordinator | Bich Ta
Wedding Officiant | Rogelio Paquini
Cake | A Cake Sensations
DJ, MC | Vietnamese Wedding DJ & MC
Florist | Defined Floral Designs

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