Can you tell which one is film and which one is digital? No? Good!

By now, you MUST have heard me talking about film emulation presets from Mastin Labs.  In my opinion, it is the best film emulation presets ever created for photographers. I have been a Mastin Lab user for almost two years and I can say it has change my photography business forever.  I have written many reviews for Mastin Labs Presets. One for the original Mastin Labs Kodak Portra pack and another full review for the Fuji 400H Mastin Presets pack.   You can read more about those awesome reviews in the separate blog posts!   I can’t believe how much the hybrid photography movement has swept through the industry and I’m so glad a lot of my digital photographer friends are now all starting to fall in love with film again!

I am very excited to share my complete Mastin Labs Preset User Guide! I am providing the guide completely FREE to photographers who either want to check it out as a review for the mastin labs presets, or those that have purchased the presets and are wanting to get the most out of it. It includes FIVE things you need to do RIGHT NOW to get the most out of your Mastin Labs Presets, and also some tips on minimizing the amount of time spent editing after each session.

The guide is completely free and I hope you find it useful!



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***I absolutely LOVE the presets and I use it exclusively for my studio!  My friend Kirk Mastin, owner of Mastin Labs, has graciously offered a small referral fee for me if you decide to purchase the presets by clicking on the above link.***

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Late last year, we took a long awaited family trip to the east coast with the girls! We visited Washington DC first, and spent Christmas in New York! It was our first time in New york together as a family and we had so much fun. My daughter Ally is a history buff and she was seriously so excited about seeing everything she’s only seen on the TV! We visited the White House, Arlington Memorial, Ford Theater, Central Park, Times Square, Statue of Liberty, top of the Rockefeller Center just to name a few!  My wife and I believe in giving our kids experiences rather than material things. And it was definitely an experience they would remember for the rest of their lives! I also edited all the digitals with Mastin Labs new ilford B&W presets; it’s just amazing.  A few quick clicks and I am done. You can read some of my full film emulation presets review of Mastin Labs by clicking here and here.

There’s a mixture of 35mm and digital photos in here, can you you tell the difference??:-)

Camera | Canon 1V, 35mm
Lab | The Find Lab
Editing Preset | Mastin Preset (disclosure: I love the presets regardless, but Mastin Labs has offered me a small referral fee for posting the link)

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