Thanks for your interest in my upcoming workshop!

Photographers always ask me why do I share all the ‘secrets’ with other photographers by putting on workshops. And to be honest, it’s because I have a passion for teaching & sharing. I am also a firm believer of “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats.” By raising the bar for all the photographers, we work together to make this industry better for ALL of us. I put my heart and soul into each workshop and I am extremely excited to share with you what we have planned!

I have taught workshops all over the US and around the world, and one thing I keep hearing from photographers is the frustration with lacking the tools & knowledge to fulfill their potential.  The #1 goal for my workshops is to help each and every attendee to fulfill their goals, and live the life they deserve.  Come join me at my next workshop! 


We all know nowadays ANYBODY and EVERYBODY is a wedding photographer. It seems like a new Facebook fan page is being created every second. How can you carve out a niche in such a competitive market, to make a good living, all while being true to your authentic self? In my workshop, we will tackle this head on. The workshop is broken up into two full days. On day one we will concentrate on the art of photography. In the morning, we will talk about posing, finding the light, metering, different film stock, and how to tell a compelling story out of nothing. We will have a gorgeous bride & groom model in a well stylized bridal shoot. I will demonstrate how I look for light, composition, interacting with my subjects and making fine art images that will stand true test of time. On the second day, it’s all about business. Pricing, albums, social media, marketing, I will share everything I have learned in running a successful wedding photography business. You will walk away with practical strategies that can be implemented immediately into your own business. Expect to have lots of one-on-one time with myself. The workshop is purposely kept small & intimate in a judgement free environment. I want everybody to feel comfortable in asking all those embarrassing (but important!) questions you might not be comfortable in asking in a big group setting. Expect to have lots of fun in a well structured classroom setting. I can’t wait to meet you!


TOPICS COVERED – Curating your way to a recognizable brand – Pricing yourself to attract high end clientele. – Leveraging social media – Marketing to your ideal clients – Album upsell strategies. – Minimum two beautifully styled shoots to boost your portfolio. – Posing candid portraits, even with the most challenging clients.


Do I have to be a film photographer to attend the workshop?

No, you don’t. I am a hybrid photographer myself. Feel free to bring your DSLR. In fact, most of your peers will be shooting both digital & film.  There will be a portion of classroom time dedicated to the basics of shooting film.

What do I need to bring?

Laptop or notepad to take notes, your favorite camera & lenses, and a great attitude to learn. Everything else will be taken care of for you.  At the end of the workshop you will receive an electronic copy of all the classroom material as well.

What does the investment include?

Every workshop is different, please check the specific newsletter for all additional information. 

We have two photographers in the same studio, can we get a discount?

Please email me, this is determined case by case basis.

Will you provide film?

We will provide a few rolls for each student, but bring your own so you can shoot as much as you want!

Do I need to rent a film camera if I don’t already have one?

It’s completely up to you! I think you will get the most out of the workshop if you do bring a film camera. But it’s not required. I also would highly recommend at least trying out the camera before shooting it for the first time at the workshop.

Can I use the images for my portfolio?

Absolutely! There are no limitation to what you can do with the images. All I ask for is please credit the entire vendor team since everybody worked hard on putting together the production.

What if I can't make the workshop after signing up?

Unfortunately the workshop is nonrefundable once you sign up; but can be transferred to a future workshop or to another attendee. Please make all necessary arrangements prior to committing to the workshop.

Could we still get in touch with you after the workshop?

Absolutely!  As part of the workshop, we will schedule a video conference call about 3-6 months after the workshop has concluded. During that call we will evaluate how you’ve implemented all the strategies  learned from the workshop into your business.