One of the main reasons why I like Jeremy is because his pictures look really natural. The lighting is beautiful and the poses and what he captures is natural as well, no stiff and forced poses. He is super experienced and really knows how to work with people to get the best photos. He communicated and worked with us every efficiently and answered all our questions. – Nancy & James

I am constantly getting compliments on his work and I can’t stop staring at the photos! Jeremy is hands down the best wedding photographer out there and I feel so lucky to have been one of his clients. He is truly amazing as a person and as a photographer! – Joe & Christine

Jeremy was awesome to work with! He has a friendly and cheerful personality that makes him easy to work with. He is also an artist- the photos he creates are more like fine art than wedding photos. Also, the people on his team are just as amazing photographers as he is. He charges a premium but I think it was well worth every penny! Most people spend tens of thousands of dollars on their wedding, but after the day is over (and it goes by fast) the pictures are what you’ll keep forever to remember your special day. – Rachel & Clemente

We are so lucky and honored to have Jeremy as our photographer for our wedding – it has been such a wonderful delight working with him, explaining everything for the wedding, etc etc – BUT, right off the bat we almost felt like we knew Jeremy from wayyyy back in the day, even though we had just met. Jeremy has always been responsive, quick to hear back from, and my oh my, what an EYE!  – Jill & Vital