Ashley & Jordan are married!  I first shot their engagement session more than two years ago, and to say it has been a long time coming is an understatement. They finally contacted me earlier this year and said they had selected a date and a venue. I had no idea it was going to be a destination wedding on Catalina Island! It was only my 2nd time on the island so it was quite an experience. TONS of golf carts!  Their wedding was small and intimate, only about 85 guests. But it was a beautiful wedding with a ton of personal touches and attention to details. Ashley had this family tree puzzle, where she asked the guests to sign a piece of the puzzle, and when all pieces were signed, the puzzle revealed itself to be in the shape of a family tree. How cool is that?  One thing worth noting..I’ve been to lots of weddings, but never, ever, EVER have I seen a groom party as hard as Jordan did. It was literally hours of non-stop dancing from start to finish!  I’ll be blogging about their day after session tomorrow. Just a little hint.. it includes a Vespa and a laundromat.  So make sure you come check in tomorrow! Congratulations to the lovely couple again, and I hope you guys have fun on your honeymoon! Photographer:  Jeremy Chou Photography, Associate Photographer: Marisa Tsekouras. Venue: Catalina Country Club Getting Ready: Hotel Metropole.,

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