savannah-georgia-destination-wedding-photography (1)

I recently shot a beautiful 2 day destination wedding in Savannah Georgia! The wedding took place at a little beautiful chapel at Tybee Island, and also the majestic Westin on Savannah River. While I am still working on that wedding, I want to share a little impromptu portrait session I shot! Maggie & Ethan had agreed to model for us at a little marina in Savannah, and it was absolutely beautiful. I mean, come on, the entire city of Savannah is beautiful, and I can’t wait to go back and shoot another destination wedding there!

savannah-georgia-destination-wedding-photography (2)savannah-georgia-destination-wedding-photography (3)savannah-georgia-destination-wedding-photography (4)savannah-georgia-destination-wedding-photography (5)savannah-georgia-destination-wedding-photography (6)savannah-georgia-destination-wedding-photography (7)savannah-georgia-destination-wedding-photography (8)savannah-georgia-destination-wedding-photography (9)savannah-georgia-destination-wedding-photography (10)savannah-georgia-destination-wedding-photography (11)savannah-georgia-destination-wedding-photography (12)

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