I met up with this gorgeous couple last week, and we did the session around claremont colleges, and the old amtrack station in downtown Claremont. The whole shoot just screamed VINTAGE from start to finish. So I decided to veer off my usual “modern” look and go for a vintage edit this time. It took a lot longer than usual, so big thanks to Ashley and Jordan for their patience! Ashley and Jordan brought two cool beach cruisers, we even had another fellow photog asking to take a picture of the bikes! Jordan is actually an aspiring photographer as well and he mainly does photography of motorcross sports for now. These two were just soooooo cute with each other and I had so much fun hanging out with them. They’ve been together for a while and it was clear their love for each other just kept on growing… Couples like this make me LOVE my job as a photographer. There is nothing else better than capturing two people in love on film. Anyways, enough for my sappy comments, haha. Now enjoy the pictures

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