These two lovebirds met as teachers. She was a 2nd grade teacher and he taught 4th grade. The romance started two summers ago and they have been inseparable ever since! Michael is a huge USC fan and Carrie is a fitness fanatic. They share the love for snowboarding, working out, church, and obviously their passion for education. As I do with all my engagement sessions, we try to incorporate the couples’ life experiences into the shoot. Since they are both teachers, we decided to start our session at an OLD, and I do mean OLD school. The caretakers were nice enough to let us take our engagement photos there, and they even shut down the place temporarily for us! Who says teachers get no respect, huh?? We then found this place off the beaten path with a cool vintage car and other objects that became the backdrop of the second part of our shoot. It was a super fun session and I can’t wait for their wedding next month! *I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT!! Big thanks to Manda Murphy for coming along and helping out with the shoot. I’ll post her best shots soon!

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