meet Mark & Joanna!! Joanna is actually one of my ex-groom’s sister and we met briefly at the wedding last year. We kept in touch on facebook and I was soooo excited when they finally booked me for their wedding!  When we started brainstorming for their engagement session, I had no idea what they had in mind. We then start tossing some ideas around and finally landed on the idea of shooting at an old, mid-century modern type of setting, with cool outfits, and total editorial look.  I have to give them all the credit in the world for putting such effort into the shoot. From wardrobe, hair, makeup, everything was planned for.  I absolutely LOVE it when my couples put aas much effort into the engagement session as they do for the wedding. It really makes a difference!  The way we approached the shoot, is that we loosely setup some scenarios. Such as getting up in the morning, going to work…going out to dinner party, lounging in the backyard, etc.. All these scenarios really helped to set the mood and the artistic direction of each photo.  I am really proud of this set, and I hope you all like them, too!

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