laguna-beach-engagement-session-photosYvette and Justin are engaged! We met late last year at a little coffeeshop in Yorba Linda and they booked me right on the spot. BEST.DECISION.EVER for both of us! They are one of those couples that as soon as we met, I felt an instant connection with them. And since my style of shooting is very candid and photojournalistic, having a bond with my couples tend to make the images ‘pop.’ It also doesn’t hurt they are so gorgeous looking! For their engagement session, we decided on downtown Laguna and the surrounding beach. Since we shot the engagement session on a Thursday, it wasn’t really crowded and we were able to just walk around and shot at spots where I thought looked cool. Justin & Yvette also trust me 100% with my artistic choices and I LOVED that. After we shot in and around downtown Laguna, we drove to a local beach where they had this super cool, medieval looking tower. It made for a perfect backdrop for their romantic engagement session! It was overcast most of the time, but the sun decided to show up last minute and were able to get some awesome sunset shot on the beach! Hope you all love the session as much as me! laguna-beach-engagement-pictures-002 laguna-beach-engagement-pictures-003 laguna-beach-engagement-pictures-004 laguna-beach-engagement-pictures-005 laguna-beach-engagement-pictures-006 laguna-beach-engagement-pictures-007 laguna-beach-engagement-pictures-008 laguna-beach-engagement-pictures-009 laguna-beach-engagement-pictures-010 laguna-beach-engagement-pictures-011 laguna-beach-engagement-pictures-012 laguna-beach-engagement-pictures-013 laguna-beach-engagement-pictures-014 laguna-beach-engagement-pictures-015 laguna-beach-engagement-pictures-016 laguna-beach-engagement-pictures-017 laguna-beach-engagement-pictures-018 laguna-beach-engagement-pictures-019 laguna-beach-engagement-pictures-020

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