As a photographer, we are constantly trying to push the creative boundaries. And often times our clients come to us for something we’ve already done because they’ve seen examples of it. But once in a while, when I get clients that trust me 100% and are open to ideas & suggestions I have, magic happens. This was one of those sessions that will go down as one of my favorites of all time. Rachel & Clemente wanted something unique, and that reflect their personalities. After brainstorming together on a few possible locations, we decided that their own home will be the best place for the session. After all, it makes perfect sense. It’s the first home they’ve purchased together, it will be where they will make a family (plus two adorable dogs!), and it’s where they feel most, well, at home!  I had full access to their home and it felt like I was just a friend hanging out on a Sunday morning. They made pancakes together every sunday morning, and we got some cute shots of them together in the kitchen. Then we moved to the backyard where they spend many cool summer nights together. The entire session was shot in their beautiful home and I LOVED it!  I hope you love the session, too!

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