Son & Stacy are FINALLY engaged! After a long time together (12 years and counting!), they finally decided to tie the knot. And I’m so glad they found me. We instantly clicked after meeting at a local coffee shop, and they truly are some of the nicest people I’ve ever been fortunate enough to photograph. On top of being super duper nice, they aren’t so bad to photograph, either!  For their session, they wanted a very scenic, flowery setting. I actually photographed a wedding at South Coast Botanic Garden a few years ago, so I recommended this venue to them. They LOVED the place! Stacy is very much into gardening, and she really felt comfortable and at ease in a setting like this. Because the garden closes at 5PM, we had to shoot from 3 to 5PM. If you live in SoCal, you would know the summer has just been brutal the last few weeks. Even though we had a lot of direct sun to work with, we were able to find some open shade and stayed out of the heat for the most of the shoot.  Hope you all love their romantic engagement session!

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