Meet Tarin & Leo!! Are they adorable or what?? Tarin has been our babysitter while she’s going to school to complete her teaching credential. And she has been part of our family for the last year. This is actually a very hard post for me to write. I mean what do you say about the person who we trust our children with? For those of you with kids, you know how priceless it is to have a person you can trust 100%, especially when it comes to your own children. And with Tarin, we trusted her from day 1. She is always on time and takes great care of our girls while we are gone. When we learned that she will be relocating this summer to pursue her master’s degree, we were devastated!! Not only because our girls just absolutely LOVE her, she’s also one of the kindest and sweetest people we have ever known. We will truly miss her when she’s gone.

I offered her and her boyfriend Leo a couples session as her going away gift, and I was so honored she accepted it! For their session we shot at Claremont Colleges. Since it’s summer break, we had the entire campus to ourselves. I hope you like the photos!


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