meet my happy couple Vita & Ying Yang! I went to elementary school with Vita and we got connected through facebook. If you don’t believe in the power of social networking website marketing, you should start believing now!

We shot most of our engagement session at Taipei 101. It is one of the tallest buildings in the world! It has all the shops and restaurants you can think of, and the architecture is also absolutely stunning. Even though we are expecting typhoon weather this weekend, we were still able to sneak in a few shots outside so we can take advantage of the building as a backdrop. Trust me, even though some of the shots it looked like the place was empty, it was PACKED! We had to be patient and wait until the crowd clear out, so we could sneak a few quick shots in. They also treated me to one of the best Vietnamese food restaurant I’ve ever had! And without further ado, heeeeeerrrre are the pictures!

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