Meet the Davis family!

This session HAS to be the most fun family session I’ve ever done.  I don’t think I have ever laughed as hard as I did during this session. The dad is HILARIOUS with a capital H!   The daughter, Heather Ann Davis, is actually an accomplished model & actress. She contacted me a few months ago for the family session, but our schedule never worked out. I am so glad we finally lock in a date! You really should check out her website if you get a chance! She just starred in a super funny spoof of Twilight “Breaking Dawn”, and it’s called…. “Breaking Wind.”  I saw the trailer and I almost peed in my pants. You can watch the trailer by clicking here.   They are also avid LA Galaxy fans. They brought matching scarves and the dad used it in….let’s just say interesting ways, that I cannot show you here on the blog. 🙂 But trust me, it was fantastic.

Thank you for the Davis Family for such a fun morning, I hope you guys love the photos!

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