We were able to sneak these two absolutely ADORABLE children in last weekend for a quick portrait session. Of course I am biased, they are my very own kids! Ally is 4 years old and Lauren just turnd 2. We found this top secret spot in San Dimas (thanks to my friend Kevin Ho) and it was beautiful. It’s a secluded hiking trail in the middle of the city, and it even had a little creek! Don’t even ask me where it is, because if I told you, I would have to……you know. Oh, by the way, I am also running a studio special right now. If you book your session before 3/31/10, you will get 30 free 4×6 prints from a professional printing lab!! I just got tired of trying to prove to people that Target/Walmart/Costco pictures are NOT up to par with a professional printing lab. So I am doing this promotion, essentially giving away free prints, just so people can believe me! The best analogy would be like buying a Versace evening gown, and then buying your neckless from Kohl’s. Not anything’s wrong with Kohl’s, it’s just when you get top of the line stuff, you also want top of the line accessories to compliment it. I love how the first analogy I thought of was clothes and accessories. FABULOUS. Anyways, you can contact me either through the contact form, email at jeremy@jeremychouphotoworks, or call me at 909.278.8316. BOOK ME NOW!!! You might also have noticed that I am changing the way the pictures are presented on the blog, PLEASE PLEASE leave me a comment and let me know if you like the new change. I’d really appreciate some feed back on this!

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