I haven’t had the opportunity to just shoot for fun in a while. And I really miss it. It’s great that I get to do what I am passionate about, but once in a while, I just want to shoot without the pressure of having to deliver the money shot. I had an opportunity to do just that today and we took full advantage of it! I only brought one lens with me, the Canon 50mm F1.2, and shot this entire series at F1.2. I love the way it looks when I shoot at wide open aperture. I don’t typically shoot wide open when I am shooting for a client, I tend to get too many missed shot because the depth of field is so narrow. But when it’s for my own kids? WIDE OPEN it is!

So this afternoon, I took my mind off the photographer hat, and just put on my ‘dad’ hat. We went and got some frozen yogurt, went to the park. Hung out with my girls, took some cool shots. NO PRESSURE. 🙂 And because these are for my personal use, I even tried out some different editing style. Yes, I get excited about stuff like this!! Hope you guys like the pictures!

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