rancho las lomas maternity portrait photo Maternity session #3 of this month! I first met Aimee & Travis last year when I shot her sister’s wedding. It was a urban chic backyard wedding in Los Angeles and I really had a lot of fun with the entire bridal party! When Aimee contacted me for her maternity session, I was more than happy to document this important chapter of their lives. Once we started brainstorming about possible location and props, I got even more excited. You see, Aimee & Travis got married at a beautiful venue called Rancho Las Lomas. This venue typically doesn’t allow portrait sessions; but since Travis & Aimee got married there, they made a special exception for them! As if a gorgeous venue wasn’t enough, Travis has a 1967 Ford Fairlane and is in the process of restoring it. Double score!  They brought many personalized props for the shoot, and it really made the maternity session unique. I absolutely loved everything about this shoot. I hope you all love the photos, too! for all inquiries |   RANCHO-LAS-LOMAS-PORTRAIT-PICTURES-002 RANCHO-LAS-LOMAS-PORTRAIT-PICTURES-003 RANCHO-LAS-LOMAS-PORTRAIT-PICTURES-004 RANCHO-LAS-LOMAS-PORTRAIT-PICTURES-005 RANCHO-LAS-LOMAS-PORTRAIT-PICTURES-006 RANCHO-LAS-LOMAS-PORTRAIT-PICTURES-007 RANCHO-LAS-LOMAS-PORTRAIT-PICTURES-008 RANCHO-LAS-LOMAS-PORTRAIT-PICTURES-009 RANCHO-LAS-LOMAS-PORTRAIT-PICTURES-010 RANCHO-LAS-LOMAS-PORTRAIT-PICTURES-011 RANCHO-LAS-LOMAS-PORTRAIT-PICTURES-012 RANCHO-LAS-LOMAS-PORTRAIT-PICTURES-013 RANCHO-LAS-LOMAS-PORTRAIT-PICTURES-014 RANCHO-LAS-LOMAS-PORTRAIT-PICTURES-015 RANCHO-LAS-LOMAS-PORTRAIT-PICTURES-016 RANCHO-LAS-LOMAS-PORTRAIT-PICTURES-017 RANCHO-LAS-LOMAS-PORTRAIT-PICTURES-018 RANCHO-LAS-LOMAS-PORTRAIT-PICTURES-019 RANCHO-LAS-LOMAS-PORTRAIT-PICTURES-020 RANCHO-LAS-LOMAS-PORTRAIT-PICTURES-021 RANCHO-LAS-LOMAS-PORTRAIT-PICTURES-022

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