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This past weekend, I hosted my 2nd annual wedding photography workshop along with my great friend Erich Chen of Erich Chen Photography. For last year’s workshop, we covered everything from business side of wedding photography to a stylized shoot. But for this year, I really wanted to concentrate on the shooting aspect of photography. When Erich and I started brainstorming for the workshop, it was soon apparent that we had the same ideas.  We decided to create a workshop where we can share our secrets on getting those candid, unposed shots of our  clients. Typically when we shoot clients, unless their last names are Pitt & Jolie, we are shooting regular, everyday people. Who might not have had any experience in being in front of the camera; let along posing for the camera. Our presentation systematically broke down the setup, approach, and directing our clients.

In addition, we also talked about what it means to be a ‘natural light photographer.’ I think the term “natural light photographer’ is being tossed around too loosely. Most people think as long as the shoot is taking place outdoors, you automatically become a natural light photographer.  There really is much, much more to that. We talked about harsh lighting, no lighting, open shade, backlighting, direct lighting, and pretty much any other lighting condition under the sun (I am so clever!). We walked around the Arts District in Pomona, CA. And there were a lot of cool areas to shoot and we were able to demonstrate different techniques in dealing with various lighting conditions.

We had a group of 11 great, up and coming rockstar wedding photographers that joined us for our workshop. It was truly inspiring to be just in the presence of another group of people, who all share the same passion and drive.  I want to thank everybody who put your trust in Erich and I for this awesome workshop. We hope that you walked away from the workshop being more confident in the way you approach & direct your clients.

This workshop wouldn’t have been successful without the participation of our great vendors. Please also visit their websites to learn more about them!

Instructor: Jeremy Chou Photography & Erich Chen Photography

Venue: IE Photo Rentals

Makeup/Hair: Evelyn Lui with Serene Bridal Beauty

Dress: Tashina Hunter, Miss Tashina

Flowers: Leslie, Pixies Petals

Hair piece/accessories:  Tessa Kim, Tessa Kim Birdcage Veils & Accessories

Models:  Engaged Couple,  Jonathan Stark & Jennifer Stark, Stark Love Photography

Married couple, Jessica Cinnamon, Shawn Butler

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