I’m very excited to announce a new 5 part series I will be posting on my blog on a weekly basis!

I will be writing a 5 part series on topics that have to do with what happens “behind the scenes” on a typical wedding day. We all enjoy seeing the awesome photos from weddings,  but I bet not a lot of people realize just what actually goes into making all that happen. This series is mainly for photographers, but it will also be useful for all the couples out there!

1. Managing the timeline. What is the ideal timeline for wedding photographers?  I will discuss the best way to manage the day to  exceed your client’s expectations.

2.  Family portraits.  Clients choose not to do a first look, and you only have one hour between the end of ceremony and the grand entrance? You have to shoot family portraits, bridal party portraits, AND bride & groom’s portraits all in 60 minutes.   If you are going to lose time, this is when it will happen.  Learn how I conduct family portraits to maximize the available time slot you are given.

3. The dress!  How I find inspiration and location to shoot the wedding dress.

4. Working with other vendors. We are ALL hired to provide the best possible products for the couple. But how you get there is a different story. I’ll share how I manage relationships with other vendors through out the wedding day.

5. UNCLE BOBS!  Or, better known as “the friend who just bought a nice camera.”  I’ve had a few run in’s with them, but never a confrontation. Learn how I turn a negative into a positive.

And since every post looks better with a photo, here’s a sneak peek from Mark & Joanna’s wedding that I’ll be blogging next. Stay tuned!

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