Google finally came out with Google +1 to compete with the dominance of Facebook. I found this way on how to add Google +1 button to your blog posts, just like how you would like Facebook “like” button. I decided to share this information so we can all benefit from this new social media tool! I’ve already added it to my blog, and it works for me. I think this works with any kind of blog, but since I have a ProPhoto customized blog, I got this information off Prophoto Blog’s forum. So here it goes!

There are two steps to using the Google +1 Button on your blog:

1) Place the code below in the “Appearance” > “P3 Customize” > “Settings” > “Advanced” > “Insert into head” section and click Save Changes at the bottom of the page:

2) Add the special HTML tag where you want your Google +1 Button to appear. There area a few good places for this button.

i) In a “Text” widget: In the widgets area, (found in “Appearance” > “Widgets”) expand the appropriate container in the area on the right and drag a “Text” widget. Leave the title for the Text widget blank, and paste the code below as the ‘content’ of the Text widget and click Save.
ii) In the signature after each blog post: (not ideal for SEO, as you will want your visitors to be +1 voting your site, and not your individual posts) Paste the code below where you’d like the button in your Post signature (found in “Appearance” > “P3 Customize” > “Settings” > “Advanced”) and Save Changes.
iii) In your menu bar: (can cause some formatting issues, less-recommended method) Paste the code below as the “link text” for a Custom Link (found near the bottom of “Appearance” > “P3 Customize” > “Menu” > “Add/remove menu items”) and type a # character as the “web address” (DO NOT upload an icon for this Custom link) and Save Changes.

Google +1 Button Code:

If you want to customize your Google +1 button, click here for the link. I apologize in advance because I can’t really type in the necessary JAVA Script codes since my post keeps thinking it’s an actual code. But you can visit this link to copy and paste the necessary codes.

And that should do it! Here’s a screen capture of what it should look like. Let me know if you have any questions!!

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