Do you ever wonder why you never hear back from a potential client after responding to their inquiry? Or, are you struggling with responding in a professional and convincing manner to some of the questions wedding photographers get asked on a daily basis?  You’ve come to the right place!

For the first time ever, my entire workflow & business essentials email templates for wedding photographers are available for purchase!

I am VERY excited about this new service I offer to other wedding photographers! I’ve been asked many times about my email templates; particularly how I respond to an initial inquiries to establish value & rapport immediately with my clients.  In the years I have been operating my studio, the one thing I keep coming back to is consistency. I strive to give all of my clients a consistent experience when they chose to work me. Maintaining a great working relationship with my clients is my ultimate goal. There are many ways of doing that, and I’ve found the following 3 key points are the most important;

1. Systemizing my workflow
2. Automate mundane tasks that can bog me down in front of the computer.
3. Outsource when I can, such as by using Align Album Design for my wedding album design needs, and ShootQ for appointment tracking & booking.

I have developed an email system that has been extremely effective.  It has helped to keep me on tasks even when the volume of my studio grew quicker than I thought. This email system also effectively communicate pertinent information to my clients through out the whole wedding planning process. I have had many people ask me if I will make these email templates and I’ve never even given it a second thought. It wasn’t until this year, when I actually shared my email templates with a few colleagues, and the response I got from them was amazing!  Here are some testimonials from them;


Responding to emails is right up there with filing taxes as one of the least favorite aspects of running my business. Although I’ve managed to build a solid referral client base I still always find myself stressing about email correspondence. Jeremy’s email templates were really a lifesaver for me. I was immediately able to take his email structure and timeline and incorporate it into my own branding. He has emails and tidbits of information that I never even thought of which is immensely helpful not only for me but also for my clients. I now have my emails dialed in and ready to fire off with just a few customizations for each bride & groom. I’m now emailing clients proactively, anticipating and answering questions in advance which saves me tons of time and makes me and my couples that much happier.  

Mike Arick Photography


Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 3.46.15 PM

I started using Jeremy Chou’s email templates at the beginning of this year and I’ve already noticed a huge difference in response from my clients and potential clients. My original inquiry response was literally 3 sentences that didn’t give prospective clients any real reason to follow up. My new inquiry response based off of Jeremy Chou’s templates now gives the inquiring brides and grooms all the information they need and the responses have been great. I’m looking forward to implementing the rest of the templates as this years season continues.

Brett & Tori Photography

Hybrid Workshop-69

Jeremy’s email templates are so incredibly helpful.  They’re well written, easy to customize, very professional while remaining personal & engaging.  Using these templates save so much time in my workflow & guarantee that I don’t forget to include any pertinent details since Jeremy’s got them all covered.

Tiffany J Photo


The Workflow Email Templates include 24 effective emails for wedding photographers. It starts with the initial response to an inquiry all the way to asking for clients’ reviews. These 24 emails have revolutionized the way I run my business and communicate with my clients. I use some of the most effective communication strategies to effectively convey my value & provide the best service I can for my clients.  The second volume, Business Essentials Email Templates for Wedding Photographers focuses on some of the most common questions we face. Such as what to say when a client requests all the raw files?  How to respond when a client asks to see ALL the photos? What do you say when Clients send you a shopping list of pinterest inspired photos?  These emails are the responses I have compiled in the last 5 years that provide my clients with the absolutely best experience when they chose to work with me.  I hope you find these email templates as useful as I do!

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