Through out a wedding day, there are many hats a photographer has to wear. The boutonniere pinner, driver, bride’s personal assistant, etc.. But the most important role I play is the story teller. I am there to tell a complete story of the day. From the bride putting her dress on until the guests are dancing and having an awesome time.  But, what if, there is no compelling story to be told at a given moment? What should you do as a wedding photographer? Walking around aimlessly trying to capture wedding guests chit chatting?  Take detail shots of the same pair of shoes over and over again?  You can either wait for something to happen, or step in and create a story line.  I feel that wedding photographers are as much story teller as a directors. There are times at weddings where I had to step in and create a compelling story for my couples.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with creating a story line.  A lot of times, the clients simply just do not know. It’s usually their first wedding, they’ve been to weddings or have read up on it, but most of the time, they’ve never been the bride & groom. There are so many things happening on a wedding day, it’s really hard for them to slow down and just enjoy the day.  My job, is to make sure they can savor each passing moment on the day of the wedding, and forever in photographs.

At the last gorgeous destination wedding I shot at Bougainvillea Estate in Palm Springs, Traci’s mom had just finished helping her get dressed. When I got to the venue, I could sense that the father of the bride was anxious, and excited to be there like any proud father would be.  He wanted to see his daughter before the wedding, and he was just going to visit her in the room where she got ready in. I knew it wouldn’t create a compelling imagery. The lighting was horrid, the room was unorganized and cluttered. It just wouldn’t make a great photograph.   So, instead, I asked Traci to stand in a perfectly lit hallway in front of a visually interesting wall. I setup it up so Traci’s dad would open the door, and see his daughter standing there in the awesome window light. The result…pure magic. 🙂



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