I get asked this question, A LOT. And by a lot, I mean almost after every wedding I shoot. Photographers, clients, friends, they always ask me. “How do you blog so fast after a wedding?” I never thought it was something out of the norm, because I’ve always blogged the day after the wedding even when I had a full time job as an architect. I know right after a wedding, all of my clients are excited to see their photos. And my goal has always been to turn over the images as fast as possible.  I inspect and edit every single photo that I turn over to my clients. For each wedding, I average about 60-80 photos per hour of coverage. So we are talking about anywhere between 600 to 1000 photos for a wedding that I have to edit. My current post wedding workflow looks something like this; Saturday – Wedding Day!! Sunday – Images are culled, wedding is featured on the blog Sunday evening. Monday – day off (and by day off, I mean off from the wedding while I work on my other business related items) Tuesday – Editing day. Custom DVD case is ordered. Wednesday – last round of quality control on images is completed. Wedding is uploaded to my online gallery, and publishing service Two Bright Lights. Thursday – Custom DVD case arrives, packaged, and shipped off to clients. Friday – Clients receive DVD, first round of album design is submitted for approval. Saturday – start all over again. Now I don’t always have the opportunity to follow this workflow because well, life happens. Sometimes I have back to back weddings, sometimes the kids get sick, or we take a small family vacation. But in general, the workflow pretty much follows the schedule as I stated above. In this three part series, I am going to break down my workflow and the tools I use in order to achieve such a fast turn around time. Part 1 – Initial culling, categorizing, and organization of files. Part 2 – editing editing editing techniques that will super charge your workflow. Part 3 – presentation of images.

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