combineLast year, I had the idea of offering associate photographers for the couples that want to book Jeremy Chou Photography but simply are on a more strict budget.  Because of the requirements I have set for my associate photographers,  finding the right photographers to represent my studio has always been the biggest challenge. They have to be people I absolutely trust and that they will provide my clients with the best experience & wedding photography.  It literally has taken me a year to narrow it down to Monica & Lorie!  I’m extremely fortunate to know these two talented photographers both as colleagues & good friends. They have been working with my studio for the last few years and they absolutely ROCK.  They are both published wedding photographers, and I’m so honored they have decided to join my team. So, without further ado, I am VERY excited to announce that we are now booking 2014 weddings for Jeremy Chou Photography Associates! Jeremy Chou Photography Associates are perfect for the couples that want the many advantages of working with my studio, but have a more limited budget to spend towards their wedding photography. My associate photographers’ styles are similarly to myself, and have been trained by my studio to provide consistent quality images for our clients. All product fulfillment will still be provided by the Jeremy Chou Photography brand.  And because my studio will oversee all of the client care, communication & product fulfillment, and freeing up the associate photographers to do what they love the most (shooting your beautiful weddings!),  we will be able to offer top notch photography services at a more affordable rate. The associate photographers coverage starts at $250/hr with 6 hour minimum. You can check out Monica & Lorie’s bios to get to know them better! If you are interested in booking one of our associates for your wedding, please fill out a contact form and make sure you select “associate photographer.” Then, we will be in touch with you shortly. Please keep in mind because this is our pilot year, we will only take maximum of 10, yes, TEN, associate photographer weddings this year. I want to make sure all the clients receive our utmost care, and this is how I can control the quality of our work & customer service experience. So space is extremely limited. It’s all based on first come first serve! I look forward to hearing from you!

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