Jeremy Chou Photography Associates Training Day

LOS-ANGELES-PASADENA-PORTRAIT-SESSION-KIM-0001 A few days ago, we held a training for our associate photographers & 2nd photographers. Consistent training is a great way to serve our clients’ needs and make our photographers even stronger than they already are.   I am truly fortunate to work with some of the best photographers out there. In addition to being super talented and extremely trustworthy, they are just genuinely good human beings to be around! I love my team!  If you didn’t know, my studio now offers associate photographers. They are hand picked individuals who have had a successful history of working for my studio. Associate photographers are a great alternative to those clients that are on a more strict budget to be allocated for wedding photography. Our clients will still get an awesome photographer to document their big day, but at a more affordable rate.  Although no two photographers will shoot alike, they are selected for their similarity in style as myself.  The associate photographers will be the one shooting on your wedding day, and my studio will still do all the ‘behind the scenes’ editing, client communication, product fulfillment, etc.. We spent about two hours together in Pasadena and had a great time. I want to give a special thanks to Yuri & Pat for being our great models. Don’t they look great?? Yuri is also a hair/makeup artist and she does awesome work! And since every blog post looks better with pictures, here are the portraits I took for Yuri & Pat during our training session. Thanks again!! LOS-ANGELES-PASADENA-PORTRAIT-SESSION-KIM-0002LOS-ANGELES-PASADENA-PORTRAIT-SESSION-KIM-0003LOS-ANGELES-PASADENA-PORTRAIT-SESSION-KIM-0004LOS-ANGELES-PASADENA-PORTRAIT-SESSION-KIM-0005LOS-ANGELES-PASADENA-PORTRAIT-SESSION-KIM-0006LOS-ANGELES-PASADENA-PORTRAIT-SESSION-KIM-0007LOS-ANGELES-PASADENA-PORTRAIT-SESSION-KIM-0008LOS-ANGELES-PASADENA-PORTRAIT-SESSION-KIM-0009LOS-ANGELES-PASADENA-PORTRAIT-SESSION-KIM-0010LOS-ANGELES-PASADENA-PORTRAIT-SESSION-KIM-0011LOS-ANGELES-PASADENA-PORTRAIT-SESSION-KIM-0012LOS-ANGELES-PASADENA-PORTRAIT-SESSION-KIM-0013LOS-ANGELES-PASADENA-PORTRAIT-SESSION-KIM-0014LOS-ANGELES-PASADENA-PORTRAIT-SESSION-KIM-0015LOS-ANGELES-PASADENA-PORTRAIT-SESSION-KIM-0016LOS-ANGELES-PASADENA-PORTRAIT-SESSION-KIM-0017LOS-ANGELES-PASADENA-PORTRAIT-SESSION-KIM-0018

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