Teaching has always been a passion of mine, and I especially love helping out newer photographers at the beginning of their careers. When I first started, I figured out a lot of things on my own through trial and error. Although it was a fairly quick journey to get my business off the ground, I really wish somebody  would have grabbed me by the collar and told me “DO IT THIS WAY!!”. It is with that in mind (minus the grabbing collar part), I started offering wedding photographer workshops and  one-on-one mentoring sessions here in Southern California. You can find out all about this exciting Southern California Wedding Photographer One-On-One workshop on the office website.   Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of mentoring  Melanie with Melanie Osorio Photography at her home office in San Clemente. I had such a great time! It was great to learn a little bit more about her business and where she wants to be in 30 months. She is such a hard working photographer and plus her work is amazing. I am sure her business will take off in no time! We covered the following topics and more;

1. Reviewed her current pricing, and made small, but significant changes to get her clients to book the package she wants them to book.
2. Establishing a recognizable ‘brand’ by showcasing only the images that are consistent with the brand message.
3. I reviewed her portfolio to make sure the images are careful curated and only those images that fit the brand message will be showcased.
4. We implemented new SEO best practices to maximize web presence.
5. How to sell wedding albums to maximize potential profits.
6. I shared with Melanie on the most efficient way of culling/editing with Mastin Preset.
7. We discussed on how to find the perfect available light, posing clients so it’s natural and not forced.
8. And a portrait session to put everything we just learned into practice!

If you would like to inquire on an one-on-one mentoring session, please visit the official website for all the information, or you can email me to register directly. Due to the volume of work my studio has, we can only take on a select few students a year! Shawn & Jessica had graciously volunteered to be our models, and we had so much fun! We shot their portrait session in and around Clemente beach and pier area. Weather was awesome, and they worked it out! Thanks again so much for being our models!


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