As a full time wedding photographer, my work does not stop just because the wedding has ended. After wedding marketing is just as important as pre-wedding marketing to ensure longevity of my business. The relationship I create with vendors after a successful wedding will allow us to refer future work to each other. And through cross platform marketing both on social media and in physical forms (prints, cards, albums), it will allow my work to be fresh in the mind of vendors that I just worked with. In addition to share my images with all the vendors via Two Bright Lights, which is an awesome online platform to get published and sharing images, I also create this handy dandy venue cards as part of my post wedding marketing plan. I created these minimalist styled accordion cards with a photoshop drag & drop template. The design is consistent with my brand as well. Super clean, modern, and timeless.  As you can see from the images, it is an ‘unbranded’ marketing tool. The only mention of my company is on the vendor list, which includes names/websites of all vendors involved. I am creating these cards as a favor for my other vendors. They can take these cards and show it to their potential clients without it looking like Jeremy Chou Photography marketing pamphlet. The card also features a great number of detail images from the wedding. The focus of the card is more on the venue and the awesome work of the vendors involved and less about the bride & groom. Although I did include a few lovely photos of my couple Elle & Tony from their rustic wedding at Historic Cree Estate in Palm Springs.   I send these cards to the venue manager, wedding coordinator, florist, bakery, basically anybody & everybody that helped to bring a wedding together! Bottom line, in order to sustain a successful wedding photography business, you HAVE to market constantly. It never stops! This is just one of the many topics we cover in the KICKSTART workshop, about effective marketing plan to sustain a successful business. If you missed our last workshop, make sure you sign up for another KICKSTART workshop being planned towards the end of the year! NOW comes the awesome part. I will give away this template for FREE. Template is CS6 format, 5″x 5″ for each panel, total of 3 panels on each side. I will send an email link to download the templates. It’s that simple! But you have to do THREE things. 1. Leave a comment in this blog post 2. “like” this post. 3. Put your email in the box below so I can email it to you!

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