At the end of the day, when cake is cut, flowers are wilted, music is turned off. Other than the memories you have,  wouldn’t you also want something  tangible to hold on to? Just think about it. when we go on vacations, we buy souvenirs, right? T-shirts, post cards, mugs, whatever it is. Heck, my wife and I collect magnets from different places we’ve visited. I know we have all the digital photos, memories, but we want something tangible. Something we can look at, hold it even, and think back on all the good memories we’ve had.  How does this apply to wedding photography? I am so glad you asked!  It’s probably widely considered as one of the most important days of our lives. The one where we will be telling our grand children some day. Will we be sitting in front of the fire place, sharing our wedding photos on a tablet, iPhone, or some other kind of gadget? Flipping through the images with a hand gesture Minority Report style? Or, if you are like me, I enjoy going through old, physical photo albums with my daughters. Let it be the mysterious lure of nostalgia, the smell of old photos, or whatever it is. There is just something about holding tangible products that let us relive our memories much more vividly. This is why I have never stopped offering physical products. Let it be DVD’s, prints, canvases, or albums. Having something tangible is so important to the preservation of memories that we once had.

Ask yourself this question. Would you rather have digital images on Facebook? Or would you rather have a physical album that you can pass down to generations?  I’d much rather have my daughters relive our wedding & vow renewal with prints and albums! Not only the album itself, but the album design should be clean, timeless, and not ‘trendy.” After all, you want your children to look at this 30 years from now and still be impressed by it, right?  You can also check out our studio’s most popular album by CLICKING HERE, and also our Engagement Albums Here.  It is with that in mind, I want to share with you guys my secret weapon in album design……. Align Album Design!  I’ve been with Align Album Design for a few years now. What started as a last minute decision has now become an integral part of my workflow.  Align Album Design and its team of talented designers crank out an awesome album design usually within 2 days. Yes, TWO days. I understand there are a ton of software out there for album design programs. While they are all great softwares, there is always a limitation to it.  I will talk about those limitations in a bit. But here are the reasons why I absolutely love Align Album Design.

1. Design approval is automated & online. The design team receives instant notification via Album Exposure once my client makes corrections. I get notification every time a change is requested. My clients love this process because they can keep track of when revisions are made, and I love it because it helps me to keep track of all the revisions my clients are asking for.

2. I get total control even though I’m not the one physically designing it. Align Album Design allows the photographers to select from a few pre-selected ‘themes.’ My theme is always classic because I like my design to be timeliness.  And one of the talented designers will then design the album to my liking before it’s even sent to the clients. The design is always an extension of my brand, and my clients absolutely love the designs!

3. By outsourcing my album design, it frees up to do other important tasks in order go grow my business. The designing part is not hard, but it’s the communication with my clients that take up most of the time. Align Album Design cuts down on the time it takes me for me to design and my clients get a faster turn around time. Win win for everybody.

Here are some of my favorite spreads designed by the talented Align Designers as seen in clients’ proof galleries;

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***Jeremy Chou Photography is an Affiliate of Align Album Design, and does receive a small credit for referrals***

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