Here are the best WEDDING MOMENTS from this past year!

Let’s just agree that weddings are emotional filled events.  I’ve been to weddings where there had been tears of joy, laughters,  love, and basically a whole spectrum of human emotions. I LOVE THEM ALL. My job as a wedding photographer is to document the big day in the most honest way possible. I stand back as a aloof observer, and let the moments unfold in front of me. Of course there had been times where I had to step in and make some moments happen. But 99% of the time, emotions unfold in the most honest way. After shooting as many weddings as I have, I have learned to anticipate moments before they happen. It has allowed me to capture some of the most raw and candid reactions. I live for those moments! It could be as simple as a bride slipping into her dress; a father’s first time of seeing her daughter in her wedding dress; parents’ looking out the window anxiously waiting for their future son-in-law, or the bridesmaids watching their best friend’s first dance with her husband. I love them all.  I hope you guys love these moments, too!

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