*from my guest blogger. My wife.*
From the moment I told you I was pregnant with Ally you were an amazing Dad. You went to every OB appointment with me. I am not sure who enjoyed it more, you or me. 🙂 You listened with amazement when you heard the heartbeat the first time. “Why is it so fast?” you asked. You would fulfill my late night cravings, even if you were tired of Mexican food. It was you that was by my side when they told me that she had stopped growing and it was time for an induction. I remember how scared we were that there was a possibility that we may not get to bring her home with us from the hospital. The day Ally was born was the day your life changed forever. You became a Daddy!! Words cannot express how lucky they are. Even though you had never changed a diaper before you jumped right in and wanted to learn. You have to admit, there were some pretty funny times in those first few months. Should we go into my first night back at work and your first night home alone with Ally? 😉
Two years later Lauren came along. She is your mini-me in every way, looks, personality, and sense of humor. I am sure she will give us a run for our money as the teen age years get closer. You were every bit as attentive with this pregnancy as you were with Ally. You still went to every appointment and saw every ultrasound. Remember bringing Lauren home from the hospital? We had a newborn crying all the way home and a two year old screaming at the top of her lungs. Then you had me, bawling in the front seat, wondering what the heck we had just done and how were we going to be parents to TWO children. You are a saint. You were probably freaking out on the inside, but you sure didn’t show it.  Fatherhood came so naturally to you. You take everything in stride and don’t let much phase you. This is probably for the best, as I do enough worrying for the two of us! 😉
Every age or milestone our children hit, you comment that it’s your favorite. I am sure that won’t ever change. Whether it be the first day of preschool, first day of kindergarten, or the many awards assemblies we go to. You are the proudest daddy there. You sit in the audience with your “fancy camera” as the kids call it and you transform into the paparazzi. These are the moments I am thankful for your expensive lenses. 🙂
I know I don’t say it enough but I am so appreciative of all that you do for our family. You had a full time job, did photography and still made time for us. You made every recital, every awards assembly, and all the little things in between. You would take the girls to school every morning, just so I could sleep a few minutes later. You give them baths and put them to bed before you head to the computer to start your late night editing. You are an amazing provider, but most of all you are supportive and such a strong role model. You truly are superman!! We love you so much!
With much love,
*photo by Kim Le Photography

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