Dear Ally,

2190 days ago, mommy and I brought home a tiny little 4 lbs 10 oz baby.

2190 days later, we are celebrating your 6th birthday.

Mommy and I have watched you grow up right in front of our eyes; from your first diaper, first laugh, first step, first day of school, and we are still constantly impressed by all you have accomplished. Part of me will always miss you being the lovable, tiny baby that we brought home, but I am soooooo excited about the lady that you will become one day. You might be a teacher, a doctor, or whatever other profession of your choosing. Heck, you might even change the world!  Whatever you do, mommy and I will always be here to support you 110%. Whatever you become, I hope you will become a better person than me. It gives me no greater pleasure than for you to surpass me in what I accomplish in life. I wish you nothing but the most wonderful treasures life has to offer, and I hope you will be kind enough to share it with us.

Tonight, as I do every night. I will read you a story, give you a big daddy hug, and then finish it off with a big wet kiss on the lips. As much as I tell you “it’s time for bed!!” a little part of me always wants to linger just a little longer and watch you fall asleep. I will take a mental picture of the way you look at me, with all the love in the world, and tell me you love me ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED THIRTY FIVE times. I can’t help but love what a great little girl you have become. But at the same time, I am sad about how much I am going to miss you.

You will read this one day and understand how proud mommy and I are of you for just being the person you are. To sum it all up, I am rewriting a paragraph from a letter I wrote you when mommy was 7 months pregnant;

I’ve loved you from the very beginning, even before you were conceived.
I’ve loved you from the moment that I felt your kick in mommy’s stomach,
I’ve loved you from the moment that you take your first breath,
and I’ve loved you from the first time you looked at me with your big brown eyes.

I love you even when we yell at you for talking on the phone all night,
I love you even when we yell at you for rear-ending the 80 year old lady at the stop sign,
I love you even when we disagree,
and most of all,
I love you even when you break our hearts.

Sweet Dreams Pumpkin,

Love Always, Mommy, Daddy & Lauren

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