Viva Las Vegas!! Before I start, you will want to read allllll the way to the bottom for a very special announcement…I’m just saying. 🙂  My wife and I just got back from our weekend Las Vegas getaway trip and it was the BEST.TRIP.EVER. Very rarely do we get an opportunity to get away without the children, and when the opportunity came we took full advantage of it! We took a short flight from Burbank Bob Hope Airport to Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. And checked into the super duper nice Caesars Palace Roman Tower Suite. And I have to say, as much as I love my girls,  it was nice to go without them for a change. And we were able to splurge a bit!  We really didn’t have anything planned except for the Las Vegas Night Strip Helicopter Tour. While on the helicopter, I was able to shoot some incredible nighttime aerial photos of the entire strip, and the Fremont Street!!  We also had dinner at a great Italian restaurant, Maggiano’s Little Italy near Fashion Show Mall.   Here are some photos I took during the trip!! Believe it or not, ALL these photos were taken with my new point-n-shoot camera, Canon PowerShot S95!! I bought this camera a few weeks ago based on my good friend’s recommendation. And I absolutely love the images this little camera can produce. I am able to shoot in 100% manual mode, in RAW format, and also record high definition video. What more can a photographer ask for, right?? !!HERE’S THE SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!! I will be hosting a FREE workshop in January for beginning photographers. If you will be getting a brand spanking new point-n-shoot, or a new SLR for Christmas, and you just want to know what those little darn buttons are for. You do NOT want to miss this FREE workshop. The 2-hour beginner’s workshop will be limited to 10 students,  hosted at my private residence in Rancho Cucamonga. We will discuss the following topics; 1. Basic Camera Mechanics – Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO… and yes, we will also talk about the green square.  2. Creative Composition – Rule of 3rd, negative space, how to create a dynamic composition even with a basic point-n-shoot.  3. Free editing/categorizing software – What is ‘editing’ and how to organize your fantastic photos. So now here’s the catch..and yes, there is always a catch.  You have to do TWO things in order to be qualified for the randomized drawing. 1. Click on that little ‘LIKE” button on the bottom of this post. 2. Either leave a comment below stating your interest, or if you are shy, send me an email to with the subject “FREE PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP”. Don’t worry, your email is never published! I will close the interest list on DECEMBER 4th, MIDNIGHT PST.  I will then randomly select 10 people based on all the submittals. The chosen winners will be contacted via email by DECEMBER 7TH. So make sure you leave your correct email addresses!  

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