Remember the Montalvo family? If you don’t know who they are, read up on their courageous story here, and also the result of last mini family session marathon here. To give you guys a brief recap, Jenn was diagnosed with late stage of ovarian cancer earlier this year. At only 30 years old, with two young children and a loving husband, Anthony. I felt compelled to do something for them. By using the only talent I have, I decided to organize a family session marathon with the help with some of my amazing photography friends. It was a huge success!

What really amazed me is how much they are loved. From family, friends, long distance cousins, even complete strangers. Everybody was moved by their struggle to beat ovarian cancer. As in Jenn’s own words, “I got this”, but they still need all of our help. Let’s do this again. Let’s help this family in need especially during this holiday season. Let’s show them that they have the love and support of every one of us!

Here are the dates & time slots. It will be updated continuously until they are all filled. Instead of 1 day, we are doing 2 days so it will give people more opportunity to help!

11/3/2012                        11/4/2012
8:30AM                             8:30AM
9:00AM                             9:00AM
9:30AM                             9:30AM
10:00AM                        10:00AM
10:30AM                         10:30AM
11:00AM                          11:00AM

1:00PM                              1:00PM
1:30PM                              1:30PM
2:00PM                             2:00PM
2:30PM                              2:30PM
3:00PM                              3:00PM
3:30PM                               3:30PM
4:00PM                              4:00PM


Email:   Make sure to include your desired time slot. It will be based on first come first serve. So make sure you email me fast. All the slots were filled up within 48 hours last time. Your spot is reserved ONLY when we receive payment in full.


The session fee will be $175, and 100% of the proceeds (as in every single penny) will go to the Montalvo family.  When you book, I’ll send you instruction on where to send the check to. You will receive no less than 15 high resolution images available to download from an online gallery by 11/9/2012. Just in time for those Christmas cards!  The session could be family, engagement, anniversary, senior sessions, or headshots.


1. Please arrive minimum 15 minutes before your schedule time. We are shooting back-to-back, if you are late, unfortunately we will not be able to extend your time slot.

2. Due to time restrictions, each session can only accommodate a family up to 5 people, or one immediate family.  If you have more than 5 people in the group, it will have to be broken up into two sessions.

3. Also due to time restrictions, if key family member or individuals fail to cooperate during the shoot, we will not be able to reschedule or extend the time slot.


It will be at Claremont Colleges.

FAQ (will be updated as we receive questions)

1. Will there be a DVD mailed out?

No. In order to expedite the delivery of images to everybody in time for Christmas cards, the fastest way would be online download. You will be emailed a link to download the images directly.

2. What if we have to reschedule the shoot after we pay?

Unfortunately there will be no rescheduling should you be late, miss, or cancel the appointment. There will also be no refund issued. Again, all proceeds will go to a deserving family in need! Even if you can’t make the shoot, you are still making a difference in their lives. 🙂

3. Will prints be available for purchase?

Yes, if you choose to purchase prints, it will be available from the online gallery to be purchased from a professional color lab.

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