Hi Everybody! You might remember the super adorable Montalvo family from the maternity session and family sessions I’ve shot for them through out the last few years. They are truly one of the nicest families I know. My wife and Jenn have been working together for almost 10 years now and she knows first hand about how wonderful they are. Now you maybe wondering why I am holding a family session marathon to benefit The Montalvo Family. Unfortunately, at barely 30 years old,  Jenn was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer just last month. With two young boys, you can imagine how devastating this news must had been. Ovarian Cancer is a very aggressive form of cancer and requires very intensive treatment, and long term support in order to beat the disease. Anthony has been by Jenn’s side since all this has happened, and they need our help.  I want to make it clear that they did NOT come to me for help; they are one of those people that will never ask for help because they don’t want to be a burden on others. But the out pouring of love and support from their friends and family has been just tremendous. From the non-stop well wishers on their facebook walls to co-workers organizing meals, donating vacation hours, and just offer every help they can give to this wonderful family.  I felt compelled to help the best way I know how, which is take photos! So here’s what I am offering. I will be doing a one day only family session marathon for you and your family at a significantly reduced cost to benefit the Montalvo Family.  This could be a senior session, family session, engagement session, even pets are welcome!  The session will be $150 (normally $400), and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Montalvo family. But this is a one day only event, and we are expecting the slots to be filled up really quickly.  If you are interested, please email me to reserve the spot. And I’ll be updating the time slots in this blog post.  You may email me at the following email address to reserve your spot! Let’s show The Montalvo family how much they are loved.. Go Jenn! 

*UPDATE –  All sessions must be paid for in full 3 days prior to the shoot. The payment can either be made via PayPal or a personal check made out to the Montalvo Family.  Please contact me directly if you have more questions!

*UPDATE –  The $150 session fee includes 10-15 images on a DVD only.  Prints are not available for a la carte purchase. But you will receive release form to print images at a professional color lab of your choice.

*UPDATE –  There will be no refund or rescheduling available should the appointment is cancelled after booking. ALL proceeds will go towards helping the Montalvo family, so it’s all for a good cause!

*UPDATE –  a HUGE thank you to Cameron Leung Photography & Valerie Ackerman Photography for taking part in this effort as well! I’m honored to have such amazing photog friends!!


photographer 1                                                               photographer 2

8:30 – 9:00am  Sylvia V.                                              8:30-9:00am  Maria G

9:00-9:30am   Sharon S.                                              9:00-9:30am

9:30-10:00am  Sharon S.                                            9:30-10:00am  Julieann N.

10:00-10:30am   Tony Y.                                           10:00-10:30am  Audrea M.

10:30-11:00am  Amanda E.                                       10:30-11:00am

2:00-2:30pm   Melissa M.                                            2:00-2:30pm  unavailable

2:30-3:00pm  Cheryl S.                                                2:30-3:00pm  unavailable

3:00-3:30pm   Liane B.                                                 3:00-3:30pm

3:30-4:00pm   Loralee A.                                            3:30-4:00pm

4:00-4:30pm   Priscilla B.                                            4:00-4:30pm

4:30-5:00pm Carlos F.                                                  4:30-5:00pm

5:00-5:30pm  Andrew M.                                             5:00-5:30pm

5:30-6:00pm  Edna T.                                                    5:30-6:00pm

6:00-6:30pm Angie V.                                                   6:00-6:30pm

6:30-7:00pm  Laurie H.                                                6:30-7:00pm

7:00-7:30pm  Julie & Freddie F.

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