I really don’t know where to begin with this whole experience.  It has been an exhausting, overwhelming, and definitely rewarding journey the last few weeks. From all the coordination work that took place behind the scenes, and literally hundreds of emails, we finally put together a successful mini family marathon session for the Montalvo Family!  If you have been following my posts on my facebook fan page, you would know that this past Saturday is when 19 generous families, my wife and I, Valerie Ackerman Photography, and the husband & wife team of Cameron Leung Photography , all came together at the beautiful Claremont Colleges campus for this fundraiser.  It was a bigger success than I had originally anticipated, all thanks to everybody that came and showed your support for the Montalvo Family. I am proud to announce that we raised over $5,000 for the family in one single day!!  I’ve said it before, but I want to say it again. I especially want to thank everybody that donated money even though they couldn’t make it to the shoot I know the Montalvo family really appreciates every single one of you. Now some of you might know, Jenn will be starting her long road to recovery on Tuesday, 6/12/2012. It will be a long process and they will need our support through out this whole ordeal. From what I understand it will take initial 6 months of treatment, then another year of follow up treatment. As you can tell, it will be a long journey for the family. If you would like to donate money to the family, you may do so by sending money to their PayPal account by using their email address If you couldn’t make to this family session marathon at Claremont Colleges, worry not, we will have another one in late October or early November. Just in time for those Christmas Cards!!  Become a fan of my fan page or follow me on my twitter account @jchouphoto,  because that’s where I will announce the next date when it’s all confirmed. And once again, 100% of the proceeds from that shoot will go towards the Montalvo family!! You can also help the family by purchasing a stamped metal necklace! 100% of the profit will go towards the family as well. Check out  Sunshine Three and also their page on Etsy  to purchase!! Lastly, in Jenn’s own words, “I got this.”  Jenn, we all hope “you got this.” And we know you will go and kick cancer’s ass! We are all pulling for you, and please to never, never, give up. 🙂 Go Jenn!!

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