Wow, what a great turnout. Two days, combined 16 hours of shooting, 25 families, over 100 participants.

You might remember we held a fundraiser for the Montalvo family to support their continued fight against Ovarian Cancer. I am sooooooooo happy to report that according to the latest scan, it came back CLEAR. Yep, Jenn Montalvo has kicked cancer’s ass like she said she would! I delivered the fundraiser money to the family yesterday, and the family wanted to share this statement with everybody.

First we want to say thank you for all that you have done for our family. You have know idea how much you’ve helped, it’s a huge stress reliever. We are so thankful and dont know how we’ll ever repay you but if you guys ever need anything we’d be there for you guys.
Next we would like to thank all of the families who participated in the photo fundraiser and those generous and thoughtful families that donated. It means the world to us to have so much love and support, so thanks again from the bottom of our hearts. This journey has been so much easier with all of your help! Love you guys

Love The Montalvo Family

A HUGE thank you to all the families that participated, all 25 families. From family, friends, even complete strangers, you all played a huge part in Jenn’s recovery. A great deal of hard work and planning went into this event. A lot of people thank me for putting it together, but honestly, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without all the generous families. You guys are the real heroes!

Here are the highlights from the mini family session marathon!

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