It has been three years.

I first picked up a camera three years ago. I thought I was just going to take pictures of pretty things, people, landscape, and call it a day. I wasn’t prepared for the life long journey photography was going to take me on. I have been privileged to meet a lot of great people through photography. Let it be joyful occasions, weddings, family sessions, engagements, etc.. I am extremely honored to be invited by my amazing clients and document some of the most important chapters of their lives.

But today, everything changed. This is perhaps, the most important family session of my career.

If you have been following me on facebook & twitter, you would know that I have been trying to organize a fund raiser for the amazing Montalvo family. You see at barely 30 years old, Jenn was diagnosed with an advanced stage of ovarian cancer. You can imagine how devastating this news must had been for this family to bear. Not only will Jenn have to go through months, if not years of treatment, but it must had taken a toll mentally, physically, and financially on this family.

I don’t know what future will hold for the Montalvo family, but I do know this. With all of our help, they can pull through. Even if you just leave some words of encouragement in the comment section. ANYTHING you do will help.

However, if you would like to donate financially to the family, please send me an email at and I’ll let you know how you can help.  I also encourage you to leave comments in this blog post, I know the family will appreciate hearing from you all!


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