Aloha!! I’m currently in Maui!  We’ve been here for a few days and already consumed more food than humanly possible. I’m here on a personal/work trip, and I’m so glad my wife got to come with me this time! I’m part of a wedding photography team for a Maui destination wedding, so glad I get to shoot along side my buddies Erich Chen Photography (Lead photographer) and Nathan Nowack Photography (Associate Photographer). Yep, there will be 3 of us, better watch out!  Wedding is later today (1/30/2013) at the beautiful Kahili Golf Course in Maui, so far the weather is holding up for the couple’s outdoor ceremony!  In the last few days, we’ve done quite a bit tourist stuff. The most exciting thing we did must be the sunrise at Haleakala! An experience I’ll remember for the rest of my life, that’ for sure!  We then went to Lahaina for dinner at Kimo’s Restaurant.  Right before we got there, we pulled over to the side of the road and since we had a camera (big surprise), we decided to have an impromptu photoshoot of each other. The following images were all taken by the three of us, enjoy!

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