Pink Princess has joined forces with Jeremy Chou Photoworks for this open casting call to find the next stars! We are looking for 2~4 boys and 3~6 girls between the age of 4 – 9 to be featured in Pink Princess’ next ad campaign. If your child is selected, your child will be featured in the next online and catalog campaign for Pink Princess, receive $50 gift certificates for any purchases from Pink Princess, and also free professional headshots and portraits from Jeremy Chou Photoworks! The shoot has been scheduled for 6/5/10 in Southern California, and we will accept submittals until 5/28/10.

Now to be considered for the casting call you MUST follow these three steps;

1. Become fan of both Pink Princess and Jeremy Chou Photoworks on facebook.

2. Post this EXACT language onto your wall, you must tag the names in the post by physically typing in “@pink princess” and “@jeremy chou photoworks”.

I have just entered my child into the casting call for @pink princess and @Jeremy Chou Photoworks!

3. Tag Pink Princess and Jeremy Chou Photoworks in the photo of the child that you want to be considered for the casting call.

And that’s it! Your child will now be considered for the casting call. Please note that this is an open casting call, not a contest. The selection will be based on the sole discretion of Pink Princess and Jeremy Chou Photoworks. We look forward to seeing the submittals!

And since every post looks better with a picture….here’s a picture of my daughters!

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