Yay, I love a good family trip! This past week we took the girls to San Francisco for the first time and we had a great time. Since the girls are getting older, and a little more agreeable for long travels, we have been able to go on further road trips. And we had so much fun on this trip!  Here are some pictures from the trip with my award winning captions….enjoy! no trip to San Francisco is complete without a visit to the world famous Golden Gate Bridge. This was our first stop once we got settled into the hotel. We actually found this place that is a little off the beaten path right off the bridge, and it has a panoramic view of the entire city! obligatory family photos!! And yes, it was as cold as it looked. on Day 2, we took a boat ride to Alcatraz, one of the most infamous jails in the United States. Girls had a fun time goofing around before we got on the boat. There’s Alcatraz! I probably took more pictures than I should, but this place was amazing. Even though it’s my wife and I’s 2nd time visiting, the architecture and history never cease to amaze me. Here is a collection of my images from the island.  We actually had a crazy idea of possibly doing our family session (more on that later) on Alcatraz…but finally decided against it. I mean, who wants to break rules in a jail?? yes, on the iPHONE while doing hard time. We also visited Aquarium of the Bay at Fisherman’s Wharf after we got off Alcatraz. The aquarium is actually quite small, but it had a great collection of jelly fish!! I snapped this amazing shot from one of the jelly fish exhibits.  Alamo square, Full House house, Tanner House, Six Sisters, whatever you want to call it, it was great to see this place in person. I always see photos cropped in super tight and never understood why…but as you can see, there is a apartment building on one side and a house of a different design on the other end. No wonder the pictures I’ve seen are always cropped in super tight! another cool place we were able to visit was the Exploratorium. Since everything was designed to be hands on,  kids had a blast working on all the science exhibits.   Fenton’s!!!  The famous ice cream shop in San Francisco that was depicted in Disney Pixar’s movie “UP”. I am not an ice cream person, but I have to say the ice cream was delicious!! My good friend Tea from Dream Box Photography and her husband Jesse joined us for dinner. You should check out their super adorable Anniversary Session by clicking here. We went back to Fisherman’s Wharf again and visited the world famous BUSH MAN!!!  This guy can draw a crowd. If you don’t know who he is, he’s a street performer that hides behind a bush, and pretty much just scares the living daylight out of people for a living. Makes for great entertainment! on the last day we visited California Academy of Sciences. They had a HUGE aquarium where the kids really enjoyed looking at all the different types of fish, and learning about their habitats. There was even a garden up on the roof where we could visit!  Overall it was a great family trip and we look forward to our next trip soon!

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