Yay!! The new 2013 studio sample album is here!! I just got my hands on it a few days ago, and I am in love!  For 2013, standard album will be 9″x12″, and with a signature silver box. I used to offer 12×12 square format, but the feedback I got from my clients is that the album size is just too big. Not to mention from an album design point, it’s really hard to fit a rectangular full bleed image into a square album. I believe this is a better format for image layout. The company I use is West Coast Album, they are out of Los Angeles, and I’ve been with them since the start of my photography business almost 4 years ago. I love their customer service, fast turn around time, and just spectacular products they offer.  It’s definitely worth the investment for both myself, and my clients!

The box & album are purposely left ‘unbranded’, meaning there is no studio logo on them. I want them to reflect only my couples and not use the album as an advertisement opportunity. I strongly believe this album sells itself if you can see it in person! The album is handmade in West Coast Studio Albums’ studio in Los Angeles, and the craftsmanship is impeccable.

The custom box with recessed image really adds a personal touch to the album. The image is placed in the middle of the box and protected with a sealant.


Although we do offer different cover options; fabric, metal, leatherette with many color options. Our premium album comes with timeless black genuine leather cover. The feed back I receive from all of my clients is that they don’t want something trendy, and will be outdated in a few years. Black genuine leather cover albums will look new even on the day you hand it over to your children!

Designed as a lay flat book. The album can lay completely flat without worrying about binding breaking apart.

I personally oversee the design of each and every album. The albums are designed the same way as the images are created. Timeless, modern, clean, and fresh. I don’t do crazy overlay, texture background, or rotation of images. The images are presented in a straight forward and honest way.

There are some companies out there that offer a ‘seamless’ gutter. I personally prefer a tiny seam between the pages. Imagine a piece of paper being folded over and over again. The crease will become permanent at one point or another. With a small seam, the pages are separated and will remain in good form for years to come.

Compositionally, the album layouts look much better with negative space (white borders) around the images. The negative space acts as the matting within a picture frame. This will prevent the images from being overwhelming, or just ‘too busy’ on a page.

I hope you like this little introduction to my new 2013 standard studio album!  Having an album is one of the most tangible things you can keep from your wedding. In the digital age, everybody just wants to post a few pictures to Facebook or Instagram, and that’s usually the entent of it. But without a tangible print, album, or something you can physically hold. The memories will fade along with the last big thing.  Anybody remember Friendster or Myspace?  Case closed. 🙂


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