Starting a new blog series! Every Sunday I’ll ‘attempt’ to write a weekly recap. Since we are in the middle of wedding season, I’ve been extremely busy! Keeping up with the blog is my #1 priority, even during busy times. And what better to keep myself on track than creating a weekly blog post? This week has been EXTREMELY hectic. Two engagement session and a wedding, all before Saturday. But even during all this time, I still put in a little bit of swimming, learning how to ride a bike without training wheels, shot a wedding with my buddy Nathan and Peter, and playing the ever so popular Lego friends with Lauren! So on Sunday, I decided to take some time off and enjoy it with the family! My wife and I are actually in the process of planning our 10 year vow renewal and we went venue shopping this Sunday! We found out about the beautiful San Ysidro Ranch and all the pictures we saw online were nothing short but amazing. We contacted the coordinator Maxine there and she was super accommodating and got us in as soon as she could. It just so happened there was also a wedding going on, so the table was all setup! San Ysidro Ranch has got to be one of the most beautiful venues for wedding receptions. They actually also specialize in small intimate gatherings. Which is perfect for our 10 year vow renewal.  We spent about 1 hour there and I was able to get some photos of this gorgeous venue! Here are some of my favorite photos; Earlier in the week, I also had the pleasure of photographing two lovely couples’ engagement sessions. One was in Beverly Hills and the other was at the couple’s own home. I love the fact that I get to try different things! Here are some of my favorites from these sessions!  First up, Rachel & Clemente in their home. You can check out their life style engagement session here. Then here’s Brandon & Susan engagement session from Rodeo Drive!

And a few more shots from Irma & Sammy’s gorgeous downtown Los Angeles wedding!

Phewww, that’s about it! What a busy week! Next week I again have two engagement sessions, a maternity session in San Jose, then another beautiful winery wedding at Ponte Winery, Temucula! So fortunate to be doing what I do, loving every minute of it!


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