okay okay, I know the blog hasn’t been getting ANY love for about a week now. But I had a good reason!! I know everybody talks about “branding”, how to create a distinctive brand and all that good stuff. Which is why I am attending a workshop by none other than Jasmine Star on exactly just that! The workshop is sponsored by a group called SMARTY, which mainly caters to the female crowd. So yes, I’ll be the only guy there!

Well, until I attend that workshop, I figured the least I can do is to make both my blog and my website look the same. Sounds simple, but until I started working on it, it took me almost a whole week to do! The company I use to create my website is called, which allows the user to build an entirely customizeable FLASH website. I essentially recreated the entire website from scratch so it will look the same as the blog. Here are some changes and highlights for both the blog and the website.

Drum roll………screen captures of the new website! Of course I welcome any and all comments all my readers might have. Yes, all 5 of you. 🙂

Introduction page now has a BIG slide show. And that’s none other than the lovely Danielle who I did a senior portrait session for.

The portfolio section got a full makeover as well. There are now featued galleries in each category. I will be adding more in the near future.

Contact area has links to both my facebook and twitter! yes, follow me on twitter!

Last but certainly not the least. For the blog posts now there is a way to vote with a 1 to 5 stars system. Hey, if you hate it, tell me about it. But if you love it, give it a five!! Please leave me a comment and tell me ways I can improve the website, or let me know if you completely love it!