I LOVE this session. Let’s just get that out of the way first. Nobu & Yuko, on top of being absolutely adorable together, they are also super nice. Yuko is a very talented florist (she made her own bouquet!) and Nobu is a commercial helicopter pilot. We hit off like old friends as soon as we started shooting, even though we were chasing light the entire session, these two definitely rocked it out. This is actually their 4th wedding anniversary, hard to believe since they both looked so young! They haven’t had a chance to plan the dream wedding just yet; but they decided to have some awesome bridal portraits taken first. We decided on nature and beach theme for their portraits. The lighting in the golden hour was just insanely beautiful, I couldn’t have asked for better light. Hope you all love the session as much as I do!

Wedding Portrait Location | Malibu, CA

Hair & Makeup | Saiko Makeup Atelier


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