Meet Catie & Ryan! Catie attended one of my southern California wedding photography workshops a few years ago and we’ve kept in touch ever since. Her and her husband will be moving to Canada soon and wanted one last portrait session in sunny Southern California before they make the permanent move. I’m so glad I was able to squeeze them in during the crazy holiday season! We really wanted a session that was off beat and not the typical portrait session. Thanks to my buddy Brett  we were able to find this abandoned barn in the middle of Yucaipa of all places.  It was a little bit of a hike to get the place but it was well worth it. The barn seemingly was abandoned a while ago and it just sits empty right now, and we had access to the entire compound. Even in the middle of December, we were able to catch some gorgeous late afternoon sun!  I’m so excited for Catie & Ryan’s next big adventure and wish them all the best!

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