I love the in-between moments during weddings. It’s one thing to setup a beautifully composed portrait, which I also love doing, but the raw emotions that happen through out a wedding day is what gets my heart pumping.  This destination wedding I shot in Napa Valley Winery last month for Aileen & Doug was no exception. This was probably my favorite moment from the wedding! Aileen had just given her mom a picture necklace. In it, it had their favorite photos together.  I was standing outside of the bridal prep room to give them some privacy. I peeked in, and caught this tender moment.  I may, or may not have shed a tear or two.

From Moment Junkie;

“Moment Junkie is a blog devoted to showcasing the best in contemporary wedding photojournalism, with a focus on moments between people that are timeless, heartbreaking, hilarious, or all of the above. We love gorgeous portraits and well-planned details, but so often we’ve found that the photos we hold most dear — the ones we would give anything to hold onto — are those that encapsulate a memorable moment or remind us of how we felt as much as they show us how we looked. So we’re here to tell those stories, with submissions from some of the best working photographers around today.”

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