What can I say about this couple….hmm…let’s start with the obvious; beautiful, completely in love with each other, fun, goofy (in the most loving way of course), huge USC fans, and just a blast to be around. You might remember them from the engagement session I did a while back. Ever since then, I literally had been counting down the days until their wedding!

So this past weekend, they got married at the beautiful Fellowship In The Pass Church in Beaumont, followed by a wedding reception at the Four Seasons Ballroom & Lodge. The dancing started as soon as dinner is over, and the party didn’t end! Manda Murphy and Lindsay Chavez came along as part of my team, and we had so much fun! Since Michael is such a huge USC fan (yes, they played the fight song at the ceremony), Carrie surprised Michael with game tickets for the big game between USC and Arizona later this year! Michael had no idea, and he was genuinely surprised. Hey, when your new wife buys you football tickets as a wedding present, you are off to a good start in my book. 🙂 The ceremony was great as well. Michael had built the entire backdrop prior to the wedding. At the first glance, one might not know what the frames are for. It turned out the entire ceremony was based on the theme of pictures. The pastor, Rick Brady, gave a great sermon about how Michael & Carrie needed to document their lives just like pictures in a picture frame. There might be candid shots, action shots, good times and bad, but they are all memories they will be building together. A very well thought out ceremony indeed!

But personally for me, the best part is that at the end, Carrie’s Grandma gave me a hug and told me what a wonderful job my team did documenting the event! It really made my day. And to be honest, when it’s all said and done and I hang up my camera, that’s what matters. The personal connection I make with people who entrust me with the most important day of their lives.

To Carrie & Michael, thank you sooooo much for having me at your wedding, and for your trust. I wish you kids nothing but absolutely the best life has to offer!

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