Jennifer & Richard are married!

I love a good ethnic wedding where traditions are fused with the more typical American weddings!  Richard & Jennifer’s wedding was a perfect blend of the different culture and traditions. Family means so much to both Richard and Jennifer, so they decided to perform back to back tea ceremonies to show respect to the elders in the family. The bridesmaids also made Richard go through a series of tasks to prove his strength and manhood.  The bridesmaids started off by preparing a whole bunch of different foods/drinks that taste bitter, spicy, sweet, and sour. It is meant for Richard to experience all the emotions that will come with the marriage. Then the bridesmaids made the groomsmen put on different assassin outfits so Richard can prove his willingness to protect Jennifer from harm. How cool are the  games??  I’m so glad to have been part of this wedding.

Here’s a list of vendors that made this wedding such a success!

Photographer | Jeremy Chou Photography, 909.278.8316. email:
Associate Photographer & Assistant | Michelle Darlene & Maria Schwaller.
Wedding Venue | Coyote Hills Country Club
Wedding Coordinator | Jessica Limantoro email:Jessica Limantoro
Hair & Makeup | Kelley Zeng Makeup.
Flower | Penny’s Flowers
Photobooth | Happy Chuppah Photobooth
DJ | High Resolution Productions

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