Part 2! So now we have left the home of the bride and arrived at the banquet hall. The banquet hall was decked out with big bright red letters and other decorations. The Chinese characters mean “Shih-Lin Family Wedding Banquet.”

The wedding party arrived at the banquet hall (Riviera Hotel) with six limos. As customary, firecrackers were set off to announce the entrance of bride and groom.

The adorable “flower child”, or what would be equivalent to the ring bearer. Notice the oranges again?

Just like when the groom before, Vita touched the oranges for good luck before she entered the banquet hall.

Vita and Ying Yang had another ceremony where they ate white and pink rice balls. Whatever is left in the bowl indicates how many children they will have. You should have heard these two debating how many pink (girl) or white (boy) rice balls they should leave in the bowl!

This tea ceremony was for the groom’s parents. The same as the tea ceremony for the bride’s parents. Tea is served as a token of appreciation.

I liked this picture because it shows the groom’s mother embracing the newlyweds. Love the emotions!

Here are some cute decorations placed through out the banquet hall.

Typically Taiwanese couples will get their ‘pre-wedding’ photos done in a studio. Unlike in America where almost 100% of the time engagement photos are done outdoors. The pre-wedding photos then get turned into photo albums that get displayed during the wedding.

Before Vita made her grand entrance into the banquet hall, there was yet another outfit change. The makeup/hair lady is on call pretty much through out the day due to many outfit/hair style changes. She did a fantastic job! If I get her name I’ll put it here. 🙂

All the guests were waiting anxiously upstairs for the arrival of Vita and Ying Yang!

After the couple make their way into the banquet hall. The father of the bride and the groom had a ceremony where the father hands off his daughter to the new groom. This is done before they can sit down at the head table as husband and wife! Even though the father didn’t cry, but trust me, he was holding it in!

First walk as husband and wife! Look how proud he looks!

First toast and thank you speech to the crowd.

Even though I didn’t get to eat much, but I have to say the service was top notch. One waiter was assigned to each table (total of 25) plus runners. It was a well oiled machine to say the least.

The traditional thank you at each table. It took a while since there were 25 tables, but to hear the nice things everybody had to say to the couple was priceless.

Ever seen a bouquet toss from a 2nd floor balcony? The groom’s little sister ended up getting the bouquet!

I usually don’t post formals in my posts, but I thought it was fitting for this wedding. Family and tradition means EVERYTHING to this couple. And it was nice to experience the bond they have first hand since I was with the couple most of the day. I want to give a huge thank you to Vita and Ying Yang for your trust in me to document your big day. And it is truly a wedding I will never forget. Your hospitality and kindness towards me is something I will never cherish for the rest of my life. I wish both of you nothing but the best life has to offer.

Now, go make some babies!

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